To become a member on Goldlife Multi Trade Co. Ltd Network is very easy. You just have to obtain our e-Pin for $30 (N6,000) and you are on your pathway to a successful life. Unbeatable price right?

To register as a member on the network, you will require an e-Pin. There isn’t no other way other than the e-Pin.

There are only Seven (7) stages obtainable on this network. Plus each stage has a bonus commissions for all participating members.

Only members who have good standing with the company and have also attained the sapphire stage, shall have the privilege to sell/transfer their business/membership respectively to a third party. To this regard, such existing member must write to the company for approval and authorization before any sale of membership can be made. And such sale or transfer shall be subjected to the company’s approval. All bonuses and commissions from that point of transfer onward will be transferred and paid to the new owner. The company however reserves the right to approve or disapprove any sale or transfer of membership at its own discretion.

A direct referral commission is the stipulated amount earned by all members when they directly refer a new member into their downline. However, the direct referral commission is N1,000

As a potential member wanting to join Goldlife Multi Trade Co. Ltd, you will have to contact your upliner after obtaining our e-Pin. However, only your upliner can have you registered to become a bonafide member on the network.

To start earning real-time commissions, a dully registered member must have referred at least Two (2) other members into his/her downline directly.

Interestingly, a registered member gets an instant referral commission of N1,000 as soon as he/she registers a new member into the network. In other words, an existing member will get N200,000 as direct referral commission for directly referring 200 Members into the network. i.e 1 = N1,000


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