1. Due to the prevalent fluctuation/depreciation of the Naira to the Dollar, the Company has decided to peg the exchange rate of the Dollar to the Naira at N200:00 to a Dollar for easy evaluation and calculation.
  2. The Company reserves the exclusive right to change the model/brand of the reward items such as laptops, ipads, cars, etc from the Company’s prescribed model/brand to another model/brand. For instance, from KIA model/brand to Hyundai or Honda or Toyota model/brand depending on the prevailing circumstance at that point in time.
  3. That every member will follow the rules and regulations, ethics, code of conduct and observe total business etiquette, while conducting their business and all Goldlife members must comply with the Company’s Rules of Conduct and any amendment thereto which may be made or changed by Goldlife from time to time.
  4. That all Goldlife members must present truthfully and honestly all of the Company’s business plans as sanctioned in the Goldlife Literatures.
  5. That all Goldlife members shall neither misuse the Company’s trademark, nor make any negative remark(s) or comment(s) about the Company’s services, officers, employees, etc.
  6. That all members of Goldlife shall organize, assist and attend seminars organized by the Company to improve the well-being of her members, the productivity of her members and the Company in general.
  7. A member of the Company is not an agent, representative or employee of the Company.
  8. All applications, i.e. new members must be sponsored by an existing member.
  9. The Company reserves the right to terminate the membership of any existing member who fails or refuses to comply with the decision, code of conduct or rules and regulations of the Company. The Company also has the right to take any legal action or make claims against any member for compensation, damages and/or legal costs.
  10. The Company may, at her discretion, terminate the membership of a member if the Company is of the opinion that such a member has contravened any of the Company’s rules and regulations (and the Company‘s decision is final).
  11. Upon registration, and subject to continued compliance to all rules and regulations, every member is granted a lifetime membership at Goldlife.
  12. Goldlife will cease and give orders to any person using its trademark, trade name, designs, and symbols without its permission, and will, if necessary, follow failure to observe such orders with appropriate court action.
  13. Goldlife printed materials are protected by copyright laws and shall not be reproduced in whole or in part by members or other persons except by written permission from the Company – Goldlife.
  14. It is the duty and obligation of every Goldlife member to report to Goldlife, any instances or suspected infringement of trademark, copyright or patents belonging to Goldlife.
  15. Goldlife reserves the right to amend or alter the rules and regulations, code of conduct, marketing and networking plans, bonus and compensations as it deems fit, and any such amendments or alterations shall have immediate effect and shall be binding on all members of Goldlife. No claims or action may be made by members affected by such amendments or alterations.
  16. Only members who have good standing with the company and have also attained the sapphire stage, shall have the privilege to sell/transfer their business/membership respectively to a third party. To this regard, such existing member must write to the company for approval and authorization before any sale of membership can be made. And such sale or transfer shall be subjected to the company’s approval. All bonuses and commissions from that point of transfer onward will be transferred and paid to the new owner. The company however reserves the right to approve or disapprove any sale or transfer of membership at its own discretion.
  17. Goldlife Multi Trade Co. Ltd reserves the right to delete or discontinue the account of any member without a prior notice if found wanting of any form of exploitation or criminal act either to the company or its potential and existing members alike.
  18. The one time membership registration fee of $30 (N6,000) is not refundable after payment is made.